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 Hatsu Techniques

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PostSubject: Hatsu Techniques   Sun Jun 14, 2015 2:03 am

Hatsu Techniques

With multiple attempts in order to obtain strength in skills you will be compelled to spend EXP on your individual hatsu abilities, fighting professions as well. In the beginning process of creating a hatsu ability, you need to do hatsu training in order to earn HTP (Hatsu Training Points); through that you earn points and finally you need to make sure you have the correct requirement of experience points for the technique to be created. The amount of EXP and HTP you spend on creating, and upgrading skills will be based on character rank and the level you want to start the ability at. What I mean by this is, if you're in rank 3, you cannot create a hatsu ability that is higher than rank 3; you can only create techniques equal to your level, or below your level.

Listed below you will see the various requirements for each rank the RPG has to offer - based on the information you'll know what goals you need to work towards in order to create skills and upgrade them. While reading through each Skill Rank, I would like to say something to set an example so you won't be confused. This example applies to every last skill rank you perform. For example, if you invested points for an E rank skill, you must meet the requirements it asks you for. After you have met those requirements, you'll see Aura and Stamina cost. Every time you use an E rank skill - you will lose a specific amount of aura and stamina, no matter what the category is. The costs and requirements are set for every rank, you can use this as a guide when making  new things, or for combat purposes. Finally, aura cost only takes action when you make use of your hatsu. Stamina cost only takes effect when you use a technique that doesn't require hatsu. Stamina cost will always be spent on moves that pertain to your fighting profession. Hatsu and PHY DMG are two different types of DMG you can perform during combat. If it's hatsu related - you will use the hatsu damage and if it's physically related, then you will use the Physical damage. Before you decide to upgrade your ability, make sure your character rank actually matches the upgraded rank you're trying to achieve. Rank 1 would have E rank techniques, so forth, and so forth.


E Rank:

D Rank:

C Rank:

B Rank:

A rank:

S rank:

SS rank:

Z rank:

rank 1:

rank 2:

rank 3:

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Posts : 131
Location : Destiny Island
Hatsu : Emission

PostSubject: Re: Hatsu Techniques   Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:28 am

Technique Ranges

  • Self - Techniques that affect your body, or techniques that simply will not go far.
  • Very Close - Within 2 meters
  • Close - Within 1 - 3 meters
  • Short - Within 1 - 5 meters
  • Mid - Within 6 - 10 meters
  • Long - 11 - 100 meters
  • Very Long - 101+ meters

Self: All ranks can perform self-techniques.
Very Close:Ranks E - C reach these ranges.
Close:Ranks C - B reach these ranges.
Short: Ranks B - A reach these ranges.
Mid: Ranks A - S reach these ranges.
Long: Ranks SS - Z reach these ranges.
Very Long: Ranks 1 - 3 reach these ranges.
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Hatsu Techniques
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